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While all of us are non-paid volunteers we still need financial support for this ministry to operate. Your contributions will help cover necessary expenses such as track entry fees, uniforms, ongoing chaplain training, and fuel and lodging costs for events we support at tracks outside of the Denver metro area. You can support us monthly or send us a financial gift by clicking on “DONATE” on the bottom of this page.  If you'd prefer to pay by check please send your check to MRO via the address below. Make the check out to MRO and write "Jim Mitchell - CNS" in the memo line.  Both of these methods are tax deductible and all contributions are greatly needed and appreciated! We're also glad to provide a detailed account of our budget and specific ministry needs - just drop us a note and ask!

Support the Chaplains
Motor Racing Outreach (Write check out to MRO or Motor Racing Outreach)

Smith Tower, Suite 405

5555 Concord Parkway S.

Concord, NC 28027

On memo line please specify "Jim Mitchell - CNS"