Ministry Resources  

This section provides a variety of resources that offer both spiritual and marrital support.  The links and studies range from new believers to spiritual growth as well as both pre-marital and marriage resources.  I especially want to encourage you to check out the church teaching and blog sites. You may not agree with everything you hear - I don't always do that either. But they'll push you to think and analyze what you believe - and why. And that's a good thing, y'all.  Peace.  Jim

John Piper
Marriage and relationship studies 
Video/Audio church messages
Message archives from Mercy Hill   (Greensboro, NC)
Note:  We welcome your feedback on any of these links -                               and let us know what you think!
Studies for personal growth as a  new believer 
Greg Laurie
Bob Beeman
Steve Carr
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Blog and journal sites 
Kyle Froman - former MRO Chaplain 
Pastor of Mosaic Lincoln Church - Lincoln, NE
  (Aurora, CO)
  (Englewood, CO)
  (Loveland, CO)
  (Lafayette, CO)
  (Arvada,  CO)
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Pastor, Musician and head of Sanctuary Ministries International
  (Westminste, CO)
  (Salem, OR)