Our Track Ministry 

We often get asked by friends who don't follow racing just what it is we do as chaplains at a race track. The answer is simple - we support the racing community in what they do. The chaplain team provides pastoral care and spiritual and emotional support to everyone in the track community. Whether it be drivers, crew members, their families, friends, or track staff - we're there for everyone. 

On race day we provide the trackside invocation and individually pray with the drivers before they compete. We also assist with conflict resolution and provide trauma support in the event anyone is injured and transported to a hospital for medical treatment. And much of our evening is spent simply providing a listening ear to anyone in need. Away from the track we're always accessible through social media. We also frequently connect with others over a meal or a cup of coffee, a hospital or race shop/garage visit, and we do both weddings and funerals. But the most important thing that we do is bring the love of Christ to the racing community in a supportive, non-judgemental way. Our local racing family is an incredible group of people, and we're honored and humbled to be part of their world.